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I'm so excited- are you switching to Blogger? (: I love everything about your blog so even if you never changed a thing, I'm a faithful reader. I love Eve's cake...and can't wait to hear about her school! Yes, the Business of Being Born is incredible and it totally makes me want to be a midwife too! It's wonderful that Sylvie (and I caught a glimpse of Melanie!) have been yours for 3 kids! It's like this crazy bond that develops because they allow for the most amazing experience. I feel like women who don't get to labor in water or have a natural birth are robbed in a way! (:


that cake is like every kids dream come true. and why the move? technical reasons?

just one tall girl named laurel

Ug. Moving. It's the worst. At least you only have cyber bags to pack and not real ones. Good luck; be sure to tell me where to find you again in the bloggosphere.
Love the cake! Not sure which I love more, the mounds of gummy worms (mmmm, delicious) or that you made a night-before-the-first-day-of-school-ever cake in the first place. You're so cool.


The cake looks fun. I hope all went well with Eve's first day of school. I am somewhat jealous that she gets to do whole day of prek, but I think I would have a hard time with it too. It is funny how you just get used to your kids being with you ALL the time. I am glad you are getting the hang of three kids. You are giving me hope.

Anna & Geoff Hall

I thought you were moving places, LOL. the cake is really really cute! fun!!


ah! a budding cake decorator, she makes me proud. Looks yummy. Glad to hear you are surviving 3 kids under 5, you are a great mom


i love gummy worms too :)

Shimmy Mom

Gummy worms make everything better! Can't wait to see your new site. I'll pop over very soon.

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