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You guys must be so excited to have him back!

(I love ruthie's eyes in her picture)


ruth and i must be kindred spirits...always thinking of food. i'm having a faint memory of her first morning request being ice cream when we were there...?

Audrey Carlson

What great pictures of your kids. I'm sure you'll be laughing non stop once Chip is there with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful time in Oregon. What a great way to spend a month of a hot east coast summer.

just one tall girl named laurel

Re-yu-nited...and it feels so good... Re-yu-nited cuz we understood...(that's me singing the renowned Peaches & Herb's "Reunited" chorus for you, with my hand on my imaginary earphone. you're welcome.) LOVE, love, love, the kiddie pics. Those eyes! Holy cow! I'm buyin' anything those baby blues are sellin'. You have a trio of gorgeousness. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Or-y-gun. Say hi to it for me.


Oh, do I know what it's like to see your hubby after a long absence. I hope that you enjoy every second of your last week of vacation!
The pics in this post are too cute! They are all growing up so fast.

whitney barton

hey this is whitney devenney...raegan's little sister. I just wanted to tell you your family is beautiful and see how you are.

Anna & Geoff

cute photos of your children.

Tami Larsen

Katie, it's Tami Phipps! It's so fun to see pics of your beautiful family and see what you have been up to. Your s look so much like you! Your clothes look like they are straight from an upscale childrens boutique. So talented, it make me want to learn to sew (well let's be realistic)!


Hola Katie! Looks like you guys are enjoying your vacation! Would love to come see you and the lil boy baby when you guys get back to brooklyn. :)
>>> peace out! <<<

Anna & Geoff

just saw this blog and thought of you. http://sugarcityjournal.blogspot.com/ maybe you've seen it before, but they are way cute clothes like you make.

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