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beautiful picture. enjoy your stay in oregon. i too will look forward to your ambitious posting plans! i want to see more pictures of your sweet baby.


oh i love blueberries!

no problem, i knew you'd only be in for a whirlwind trip!


I love blueberry picking- I read that book (or had it read to me) so many times when I was little- maybe that's why i love blueberries so much!
(Also Aunt Katie our whole family is going to the wedding- we'll get to see you again soon!)


Berries are one of the best parts of summer. Sounds like your having a great time. Hug the kids for me!


Rick and I went on a spur of the moment trip to a friend's oceanfron condo in Brookings, back before we had kids. It's so beautiful! Oh, those were the days...


That whole trip sounds wonderful! What I wouldn't give to be picking blueberries instead of being at work! I hope you continue to have a wonderful time.


So jealous.... One of these years we really should plan a summer vacation to coincide with yours.. Though I would love the berries, it was the thought of sister's and mom's laughter that really made me want to be there...


nice shot. I already miss Charlie, ok and you guys too...

megan rich

You know Katie, I bought that book after reading a post you wrote last year sometime where you mentioned Chip reading that to your girls. Needless to say, it instantly became a favorite in our house. Especially since Charlie LOVES blueberries and bears. Have a great trip out west, we are hoping to make it to the city this fall so we'll look forward to seeing you and meeting your sweet little Charlie then!

Anna & Geoff

blueberries are my favorite. i remember loving to pick them at my grandma's place in south windsor, ct. lots of fun to chase away the birds and pick blueberries before they'd come back. lol.

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