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aah! he is so perfect. what a handsome little man! his face in the cowboy pants picture totally reminds me of your girls' faces. poor chip must be dying with the three of you gone. did you fly by yourself with the three kids? how did that go?


Charlie is growing up so fast! He is adorable- so is Ruthie (and Eve, of course) - I can imagine her doing that!


SOOOO CUTE! I love his smiles!


I've always wondered if babies were supposed to put bus fare in those pockets.


Just a few months old and already more hip than I am. Sigh.

I can't wait for our little one's smiles. Right now we only get them when she's dreaming or gassy.

These are terrific pictures.



He is so adorable! I can't believe how big he's getting so fast! And love those pockets. Ruth's a smart one!


My little boy is about as old as yours... so lovely to see the same expressions!
I must say that I still haven't sewed him any clothes yet (shame on me!); I love the things you made for Charlie!


He is growing up SO fast. What an adorable little guy. I love the pants, they are too cute.

Stacy R.

Golly he's a cutie!! And like you Katie, I'm quite amused by pockets on baby clothes. We're working on the wardrobe for our little guy, and we picked up some cargo shorts in size 0-3 months. They have 5 pockets and a loop (presumably for a hammer or other tools?). It cracks me up. :)


oh! those pants are the cutest! I have the hardest time finding fabric for boys that isn't so silly (in a bad way)! Your son is so handsome and I just want to squeeze him! I love that your daughter is using his pockets, especially for crumpled stickers! That's something to remember forever!


he looks like such a cuddly guy - is he? i'd want to smooch those cheeks all day long. so cute.

and the pants - you're so creative. i love them


I knew you would LOVE having a boy.
It was so lovely to see him in person!

Anna & Geoff

I found a site where a girl had made leg warmers for her youngster. I only mention it because in a onesie w. the warmers was great for the crawling stage since clothes normally get tugged and pulled. something to mull over for awhile until Charlie is at that stage. And the pants are cute. my mom loved making jumpers for us kids when we were little. i'll see if i can't dig up a photo to post on my blog or email when i get a chance. those things were great. shorts & short sleeves (my mom hated putting in sleeves), zipper down the back so didn't rub on the tummy and pockets in the front.


he's just perfect! what are the age differences between all the kids? i'm always curious to know how well different spacing works. your pictures are always fabulous. what lense do you use? i'm looking to get a new one eventually but i have no clue what i need! enjoy the rest of your vacation...

just one tall girl named laurel

That sleeping smile pic kills me. Ah, what an angel you have! And yay for superfluous pockets. I too am decidely pro-baby-pants-pockets.


Katie- Don't tell me you made those pants too! Can you send me a pattern for those... Better yet, why don't I make a trip over there and you can show me how to make all those awesome things... I am getting into sewing again. Grandma would be so proud.

Love ya lots... I am serious... I want lessons!


how funny, I see so much of chip in him. I miss him already. and the pants are adorable. if I only knew how to sew when Luke was a newborn. Remember the first pants I tried to make? they still have the side panel, I just found them yesterday and couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

Jen Skousen

Charlie is so cute! Those pants are so great. Sydney is a pocket-filler too. I don't know if we're going to get to see you before we move. Sad. I hope you guys are having fun!


hey Katie!
there is an award for you at my blog if you want to come get it! (posted on july 23, 2008)


how cute and big he is already!

i, too, have a thing for useless baby pockets. love the railroad stripes!

Cass Barney

Congratulations! What a pretty little family you are!
My brother Peter and his wife Jen just had a baby boy in May. Boys...I'm not so sure about that.
Peace, Cass


I adore Charlie's pants! May I ask what pattern you used?

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