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April White

Katie -

You never cease to amaze with the fun outfits for your kiddos. I am seriously troubled by what the heck I will dress my boy in but are so great at sewing that you have no problems there. His blessing outfit is so sweet and I love all his darling pants below. Sorry it was such a stressful morning. I hate when days that should start out wonderful are full of stress and anxiety. An a shrunken dress is worth sobbing over...so sad.


Hi Katie, I love your blog. After the rough start, it sounds like a wonderful day. The little outfit is just beautiful. I have a soft spot for pale blue gingham.


that day was amazing. one of my favorites of the year too! and call me this week if you can we need to catch up!


that day was amazing. one of my favorites of the year too! and call me this week if you can we need to catch up!


i love that picture with grampa wooley! multi-generational events are rare and wonderful. i am so happy for you. i had to chuckle at your emotional day... so many memories of past emotional days! :) and you have so many more of those to look forward to with your girls. :) !


Charlie looked so handsome. Sorry your day started off rough, but it sounds like it ended on just the right note.


i'm sorry about the rough start. not fitting into clothes is extremely depressing. ( i still don't fit into much...)

but as always, i love what you've made. the kimono style is very sweet.


Charlie has even grown since I was there, I'm not sure if it is the picture, but his face looks a bit chubbier! I do love the outfit, I am also a sucker for small children in white.


that picture of chip and company at the top is so sweet. hi chip!

and what an adorable baby charlie is. congratulations on what sounds like such a great day.


um hi! Remember us... the Crocketts? I can't believe you guys have 3 kids. Ben and I are going crazy! We just found your blog! So good to see what you're doing. email us vangogh@gmail.com


Charlie has grown so much! My goodness! And his blessing outfit; I love it! So much better than a shiny satin suit with a cheesy bow tie!


Hi Katie! I've just discovered your blog and wanted you to know how lovely I think it is. As I was reading through recent posts, I came upon this one and discovered something hilarious: your Chip and I were in the same ward growing up in (north shore) Chicago. I can't remember how much older he is, but his sister Emily is maybe a year older than me. Anyway, if you think of it, tell him Emily Zumsteg says hi. And it looks like a couple of comments before mine here, my friend from BYU, Mandi, posted, too. Wonder what that connection is...? It's a small world. But anyway, keep up the beautiful posts and photos. I'll be checking back often! :)

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