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congratulations- the name is great! he's really cute, can't wait to hear more!!


Congratulations! He is sooo cute!


I'm so excited! I've been checking the blog obsessively for days to see if he's arrived :) So happy for you!


YEAH!!! I've been checking everyday for the first glimpse. He is so beautiful! He looks just perfect. I hope that mom is doing great too!


i love him.

congratulations, friend.


I love my new cousin- i love him and the name! Congratulations!


oh my goodness he's completely beautiful! Welcome Charlie! Can't wait for more pics and updates.



Congrats! You don't know me, but I like to read your blog. I'm very please to see how cute he turned out!


i'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one who has been checking your blog daily for pictures of the little guy! he is so gorgeous!!! i hope you're doing well and able to get a little much needed rest. many congratulations to mom and dad and best wishes for a beautiful life to little charlie...


he is lovely! congratulations!

jaclyn Rink

i cant wait to kiss his little face.
katie-you are amazing. number 3! wow.



oh, hes GORGEOUS! love the little fuzzy hair : )

well done, you!


oh! he is so cute. congratulations. i am so happy for your family. are the girls enjoying him? is he a junior?

Stacy R.

Congratulations!! He's just adorable. And I love the name. Can't wait for more pics and stories about your new triangle of kids. :)


Oh, he's lovely! Congratulations from another blog-lurker :)


I can't wait to meet him. She's beautiful. Good work, Katie!


Congratulations! He's adorable (:

it's esther, the measure girl by the way...and i've also been checking your blog to see the new baby. so thrilled for you and your beautiful family!


congratulations! what a beautiful name for a beautiful baby! i love his little tufts of hair :)... so, so sweet!


Charlie!? I LOVE it. Really love it. And are you kidding me that he is already that cute? He doesn't even look like a newborn with those
perfect little cheeks, and that sweet little nose.

It kills me that I don't get to see him in person, right this minute.

Please bring the bundle to Utah. Pretty please?


Congratulations! He is beautiful, and looks so much like his sisters. I love his name, my daddy and nephew are named Charlie.


awwwwww, he's so cute! Upload more photos mummy, we've all been checking in regularly to see how mom and baby are doing and to steal a few more glimspe of your beautiful kids =)

Anna & Geoff

Congrats. That's a really cute photo. Have lots of fun!!

April White

congratulations!!! He is such a beautiful baby. We are excited for you guys.


what a good looking boy!


what a good looking boy!

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