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Family leaving is always so hard. You feel guilty for relying on them while they are there but boy is it hard when they leave.
Happy Birthday Chip!!
So sorry about the fish. My children have dealt with a lot of pet death as well. We have had two entire rabbit litters not make it and while it was very hard (on everyone) the first time, it amazes me how okay with it the kids are now.


So sad for you... so happy for me! We really missed the "rest of the gang"! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chip! It looks like he's enjoying his day. ... Loving the fish dramas!

Anna & Geoff

3 kids by 33 for chip, awesome! lots of 3s.


congrats on making it through your first day alone with THREE little ones! i remember my first day after bringing our third sweet baby home, how funny that these are a milestone that the mamas remember... like when i took all three of them to do normal shopping for the first time, like a new mother all over again. good stuff. i wonder what it's gonna be like with four?!

sorry about your lot of fish... we've gone through several lately, too, and have decided to take a sabbatical from our friends with fins... one of my kiddos made a very similar comment to yours the other day... "what if the baby dies when we bring him home to live with us?" ugh.

can't wait to see more pics of your beautiful little cherub!


how sad to have family go! and people who clean!

and happy birthday chip! if it makes you feel better, bryan's birthday and father's day weren't so stellar this year either.

**and yes, we will be around the week/weekend of the fourth, call anytime. i know you'll be busy with family/friends, but heck, if you have to visit us in the middle of the night, we'll take it. (we're also in salt lake often, so we can easily come there).


first, Sara's hair...so cute! and is that baby bryce in the stroller? my he has gotten big.
Happy Birthday Chip!! I have that in my planner next to Luke's dentist appointment today! Let's celebrate when you get here.
and if there is anyone that can handle three, its you katie!


haha! after looking at that picture of Chip several times, I have finally realized that the pattern on his shoulder is not a yoke on his shirt but the chair he is sleeping on. phew!

just one tall girl named laurel

happy birthday chip! and so sorry to hear about goo flu (one of the best fish names ever) and go-pen (also an awesome name... I think I might give naming rights to all my future fish to Eve and Ruth.) Good luck being on your own (and staying sane? or is that too much to ask for? for me, probably. for you, no way.) with the three little ones!


Happy Birthday Chip!

Sorry to hear about all the fish death in the house.

So it sounds like maybe you guys are headed to SLC? I'll try not to have high expectations of getting to see you - I'm sure you have a looong list of people to visit, along with your long list of children to care for. :) But I would love to see you. Love, love, love it.


Happy birthday, Chip!!

The girls are so cute...


so charlie just might be the cutest little one i have ever seen. you know how to make them adorable! 3?... when i met you, you only had eve. time fly's. wishing you luck on your lone journey with 3! what a party!

Patria Weston-Lee

Happy Happy Birthday Chip!

Such a fun and funny post. A bit nervewracking to adjust to 3, but just embrace the inherent chaos- I think that's the only way to survive parenting.

Love you guys!


ack, I miss you guys!

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