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that orchard/farm/berry place is a dream! i can so see you on a farm, growing perfect vegetables. is that in your future plans possibly? out of the city, into the country?

and even if i hopped in the car now and drove straight to new york, no stops, .... i'd probably still miss the pie by a day. darn.


The pie looks delicious! I love going and picking your own produce. (Since I have no fruit trees in my yard and the garden isn't lookin' so hot either.)
I hope the hives go away soon. That sounds terrible. Could it be heat rash? Rem used to get that soooo easily.
Have fun with those cute little ones!


oh a fresh cherry pie! now I'm all hungry for one. There's a cookbook called "Super Natural Foods" that has a great section on cooking with natural sugars. The author has a blog too--101 cookbooks.


Are you kidding me Katie? Three kids, four and under.. one a newborn.. and you're baking pies?! Not just any pies, fresh cherry pies with cherries you hand-pitted? Come on!


hahaha. eve cracks me up!
your pie looks HEAVENLY, i so want some!


I was just thinking about Lawrence Farms and wondering if I have a replacement in my new neck of the woods. Probably not, and who would I go with anyway...sad.


I was just thinking about Lawrence Farms and wondering if I have a replacement in my new neck of the woods. Probably not, and who would I go with anyway...sad.


Reading your posts make me happy. That's all.


Oh - yes - AND giddy about having a little girl that will hopefully be as entertaining and creative as yours are :)


sounds like you had a fabulous day! i know what you mean about a farm- i grew up on one and i'm itching to get back! we'll get there someday...


I dream about having a ranch/farm all the time... and in my dreams I'm pretty good at all that green thumb stuff... But I've killed a surprising number of houseplants that are making me doubt my abilities!


ok, I am formally requesting a cherry pie next week, I have never made one from fresh cherries, sounds soooo good! I love the crazy imaginations of these little kids, so entertaining.


love, love this post! the pictures are fabulous- what a photographer, but of course you would be good at that too! farm life = totally idyllic! we crave having land on the big island and getting all our food from hilo farmers market with our own goats, chickens and fruit trees. someday! i'm going to have to try that cherry pie! scrumptious!

just one tall girl named laurel

yowza that pie looks amazing! must...have...pie... I seriously crave massive slices of deliciousness now. I swore off making them from scratch after my first apple pie Turkey-day '96. It was SO much dang work I just couldn't be bothered to try again. that cherry bombshell might just bring me back into the fold. great pics of the kidlets too.

Stacy R.

Looks like a lovely day! And that pie looks incredible - I think I might have to try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)


Chip and Katie, your girls are hilarious. I love reading about things like this. Little Mermaid 1 is bad enough, but whenever I see anything having to do with those knock-off, Krusty Brand Imitation Disney sequels, I immediately sequester Saige, create sudden, sharp loud noises, and generally do whatever else I can do divert her attention, because I (for now--and it's futile, I know) utterly refuse the idea that such a thing may ever possibly find a place within the walls of our home. We had to watch "Barbie Mariposa" earlier this week. As it was playing, I was thinking to myself that I would rather be shot from a cannon if I had any reason to believe Saige would have found it more interesting.


what bliss! i am very jealous of your pie skills. i have none and so make mostly what i like to call "pie crumbles" which is exactly what it sounds like. such beautiful pictures of your girls at the farm!


Just came over from Hop Skip Jump, where your magical kids sewing skills were referenced. Glad I visited! Love the marigold dress.


My good friend, Roxy, told me about your fabulous, creative world that you share on your blog. I've browsed briefly and I'm totally loving it! Can't wait to look more! I just finished making my first dress ever for my toddler and I'm looking for inspiration to keep this "creative" side of me flowing. Thanks for sharing!


Mmmm! looks delicious!


i made one too! it was delicious, but looked only half as god as your perfect lattice top. :(

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