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such beautiful stuff katie! you have so much talent.
good luck with the school!


I LOVE the "Heidi" top! It's so cute! I also love your logic. I really need to get out the sewing machine and get busy again. I've really only ever made a couple of things and I always talk myself out of getting started because I'm afraid that I will ruin the fabric since I'm not a very good seamstress yet. But when Trav had to move 13 (no joke 13) rubbermaids full of fabric and sewing supplies to this new house he threatened to sell my sewing machine because "You never use it!" You have just inspired me to get busy. -Wish me luck!
Good luck with school. I understand the finding a program thing, that's the biggest reason why I ended up doing a homeschooling Victoria. I still have the curriculum if you need it. But I'll still try to send you the luck vibes.


Oh my goodness, you have such talent. Are your own patterns printed out? I mean, like you would sell to an admirer who is in desperate need of sewing her little girl some clothes?


Hi Katie,

really they're soo cutee:


I think that little jacket is my most favorite thing you have ever made!


Katie - You seriously couldn't be any cuter. No wonder Eve is always the best dressed Sunbeam! Love these mini-est items! I always find it hard to make things so small, I need some sort of magnifying glass on my sewing machine. You are making me excited for Spring/Summer and most importantly for the day when I may have time to do some sewing again - let me revise, sewing that's not for class. Can't wait to see what she'll wear on Sunday :)


when i'm back to a normal size i want all those clothes for myself! so beautiful.


Esau. I totally think Esau would fit into your family. Evan was almost Esau. But I am already Zane is too "strange" of a name and didn't want the potential for both of my boys to revold against "unusual" names. I chickened out. But feel free to throw it into your mix if you please. I give permission. ;-)

and Elijah. too fitting? I like someone wrote Cole, another good one that would blend with your girls' names into a boy twist. Speaking of twist....can I get an Oliver up in here?

just one tall girl named laurel

Seriously?! That jacket is adorable and I want the Heidi shirt in my size... You are seriously too awesome for words. I can't say it enough!


That is so amazingly beautiful! She is the perfect little Heidi!


These clothes are too cute!!! That jacket is wonderful. You are so talented!


her little heidi shirt is so adorable! and i love that eve looks really pleased about it.


What great clothes! Your girls are lucky to have such a talented mama! This is my first time checking your blog out and it is going to my list of regular reads. I am loving checking out all of your creativity!


love the belly on Ruth & Eve's "model pout"! good job on the patterns. Ruth's bangs do drive me crazy... but you know that, don't you?!?!? :)


Hey Katie, I don't know if you ever play along with these, but Tag You're it! Check out my blog (the one posted on April 21) and see how to play along. I'd really at least like to know what got you started with your blog. Have fun!


no, sadly my patterns are not pretty and printed. they are drawn out on tracing paper with my notes and scribbles all over them. in the back of my head i've thought about getting them on the computer and having them printed (as simply as i possibly can) and maybe even having them available for purchase, but that seems too crazy to figure out now. . . if it ever comes to that, you're on the list of pattern testers!


SO great!!! I love the heidi top, and that jacket is just perfect. I, by the way, got a lot of "are you sure there aren't twins in there?" comments from older men during my last pregnancy. So fun.


aaaawwwww....so so so gorgeous! You've inspired me to start sewing clothes for my little'ns. THAT JACKET....is amazing!!!!


i was stumbling along and found your blog and so glad i did! i also have two girls who are at that point where they can share quite a bit of their wardrobe... isn't that lovely? they are 3 and 1. makes the mix and match possibilities even more endless! your creations are fantastic! i love that twirly skirt and the tie-dye job :)... that jacket is so cute on her, too. i made one similar for my older daughter last fall, but i think it's time for a new one... anyway, i'll be back, you have a lovely family!

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