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so cute! i just stumbled across your blog and have been having fun looking through the archives and enjoying your creations. i look forward to reading more..


that is some seriously awesome fabric! I can't believe that you have stored it all these years but I guess it worked out because your girls look beautiful in their dresses.


I love that top picture of Eve...she looks like a teenager, so sexy.
The fabric is gorgeous, and I love how the shape of Eve's dress matches the shape of the fabric. Well done!


wonderful! do you usually (non pregnant) make a lot of clothes for yourself as well?


I was just looking at these AGAIN, and will probably do so many many more times, but noticed how big Ruthie is getting. She's a little girl now, oh I miss her.



pam- pre-pregnancy i actually sewed a lot for myself, especially around this time last year. nothing's easier than spring/summer dresses and shirts.

alysha- i know! i feel just the same with your recent pictures of luke.


i love how you write the story around finding the fabrics that you make with. such darling dresses!


My long lost lover!! your blog is so cute- and you are so crafty. Seems like you and Chip and the girls are well...lets be friends again...i heart you!!!


Those dresses are so beautiful! I love the fabric and the designs. It's fun to have a different cut for each dress.


really beautiful! i like both the fabric& the dress. Do you use patterns or design the clothes yourself?

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