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holy crap...you're tiny!


now...you are due in may, right? because you look about 5 months pregnant. no fair.

with kids as cute as yours, you should never quit.


I will second the "you're tiny" comment. I was fully expecting to see a very pregnant katie on our trip out there- but you are cute and tiny! I should learn to expect such things from your family!

Anna & Geoff

Gotta love people's reactions...my favorite was "What are you having?" And without skipping a beat I liked to say "A rabbit or maybe a turtle this time" or whatever animal popped into my head, LOL...come on people!


three thoughts:

pelvis separation! what fun!

due in may?! you are tiny!

i wish i had a neighbor like mr. jackson.

Shiloh Donkin

i know its been said, but you definitely don't look big enough to deliver in may. I thought for sure you would be going through to the end of summer and I see you every sunday. Also, I love comments from people on the street. They have such....insight. I have had my fair share of encounters, most bad. Mr. Jackson, is he accepting new students?


I fully expect everyone I know in DC to react with shock and horror when I get pregnant. I have lived here three years and have not known one single pregnant person (outside of church). I am already bracing myself for the negativity!


yay, finally a belly shot. You look so great, can't wait myself to be recognizably big, (I am at the "I know I am not just fat and I think I am showing, but really I just look fat" stage - ugg) But I am so with you, more worry, why is that?, I don't know? I have been having crazy horror type dreams involving large bodies of water and electro-shock treatments.
I want to hear the Ricky Schroder dream, old or young Ricky? halarious.


wait, what a nice compact prego person you are! (: i remember once walking down the street in Harlem super prego and getting some really funny comments. One man just started yelling super loud down the street "you're having twins! you're having twins! twins!" obviously i was as big as a house. is sylvie delivering? isn't that cool that you have this history with her? can't wait to meet cute baby boy rich next month (via the blog)...


you look great katie! i can't wait to see the little guy after he makes his debut. i look forward to finding out what you name him too!
i hate those crazy pregnant dreams. i had an extremely violent dream when pregnant with Sutton. It still creeps me out to think about it.
good luck with the delivery!


I am sooo excited to finally see a belly shot. Shocked at how small it is and now jealous, and trying desperately not to think of the 48 pounds I gained with Elizabeth. *ugh* Okay back to being happy for you. Some people just have no since of tact. I've never understood it, but l have learned to get a good laugh out of it. Especially when in New York because there is NO getting around it. Good luck. I hope that you can start feeling better soon. (Probably when the little guy finally pops out right? lol) Any name decision yet?!? Love ya!


Oh No Rick Schroeder dreams!?!
You look fabulous! People always know the perfect things to say. It is amazing the things that will come out of the mouths of strangers. I hope your dreams change into more peaceful and lovely vivid dreams soon.

Stacy R.

Oh my goodness, Katie - you just have the cutest little baby bump. Now I feel like a house. ;) Don't people always just say the dumbest things to us pregnant folks? Seems like every day I get a gem. The other day a lady at work (who I hadn't seen in months) felt it necessary to say how fat my face has gotten. Gee, thanks. On what planet is that an appropriate thing to say to somebody? I'm getting a thicker skin as I get further along, but it still blows my mind how tactless people can be. And also, why are your neighbors acting like 3 kids is excessive? Goodness...

I'm really sorry to hear about the pelvic separation - I hope you're not uncomfortable for too much longer!


It's especially fun working with brutally honest teenagers all day who have no filter between their thoughts and their words. Gotta love 'em.

"You got knocked up?!?" ~ "Sara, you don't look pregnant. You just look fat." ~ "Can I babysit for you? I've always wanted to watch a white baby."


SCORE! That's what I would say. And that's what I did say when I saw that you finally posted a pregnancy picture. At least I think you did, as others have mentioned because it's hard not to, you barely look it, you are carrying little boy muffin (cause that's what I'm calling him tell he has a name) somewhere secret it appears.

How awful though about the pelvic separation. I'm not even entirely sure I'm grown up enough to fully grasp that idea or visual (sorry I am a visual person), despite the fact that I am older than you, though we like to keep that on the DL. And Ricky Schroeder dreams?! That is terrible. Did he come in riding his little train from Silver Spoons because that would absolutely freak me out.

Hopefully soon all the discomfort and the grumpiness and the bad dreams of violent spies trying to take over the world with Ricky Schroeder will vanish and you'll have the cutest little baby boy Rich to cuddle and try and keep quiet so that those peeps on the subway will stop giving you the stare of death, and all will be right in the world.

But in the meantime could you at least look pregnant?


Hey, the negative comments were around in 1971! You just tell them what fantastic kids you have that are going to make the world a better place, then only the real idiots will say anything negative.
You make pregnancy look cute... good for you! It must be from running after those girls all the time. love ya.


Greetings from somewhere far away.

Just wanted you to know that if i ever had kids as gorgeous as yours, nothing will stop me from having more. and while I'm incredibly excited about the new born boy and how the little girls will respond to him, I think I'm gonna miss your entries the most, post more pictures if you can before the delivery so we'll have something to look at while you're busy nursing the 3rd and resting.

Take care Katie.


Yes the dreams with the third one were intense and strange and definitely not "PG!"


Ha! Some people can be so thoughtful! I have 5 children and when I was pregnant with the 5th one, some guy asked me, "Don't you know what keeps causing that?" So, I replied, "Sure, and it's fun, too!" That shut him up really fast! I just discovered your blog and have had fun reading and looking at your photos. You have a beautiful family and I think it's so neat you live in Brooklyn. My cousin lives there with her husband and new baby, too!

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