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Fun blog! Good for a great laugh. I can't get over how much Ruth looks like her Mom all those years ago... and the drama queen talent too! What a good deal. Go Rufie!


How cute are those faces!! I can't get over how much your girls are little Katies. I hope that her "peg-leg" gets better soon. I can't wait to see pics of baby 3. And once he's here you'll wonder what you ever did without him.


what was the injury? sheesh, i'm glad it's not polio.

**i would also like to request the story to be retold on your blog about you killing the litter of puppies...or was it cats...or some other animal?? i just remember it was funny/sad and involved you 'giving a bath' to some newborn animals...


seriously Kate, I see these pics and I just can't get over how much she looks like you! Both your girls look so much like you I love it. So fantastic, I really can't wait to see what this next one looks like, another blond for sure...

I too am curious as to what the leg diagnosis was.

And I am not sure about retelling the "kitty wants to swim" story. I can still see the little white kitty, sweet thoughtful little Katie...


jeanie and pam (and any other curious folk) i just added this in above:

the reason for the limp? no one is really sure; no fractures, no abnormal blood results, probably a bruised ankle or just a random no walking/limping episode that is apparently common with toddlers. . .

chip tells that drowning kittens story all the time. i need to get my facts strait and then i will share the sad tale at some point. man is it tragic. . .


I love the comment from Heatherann "you will wonder what you did without him." so sweet and fun to think about.
I love Ruth!! I wish she would wake me up with those faces!


Whenever I see photo's like this on your blog I think we really need to get our girls together to play. They seem to have a similar zest for life and ability to crack anyone and everyone up in two words or less. It would be a big goofy funfest! Are you up for it?


Far out - you just hit my buttons with your comment about the "free spirits" and 2 is busy enough...that's me! Trying to also imagine a third...kind of freaks me out a little but I so want to go there. Will be checking into your blog over the next few months to hear all your news & crazy experiences (I mean this in the most positive way :)

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