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i feel like if i'm the first commenter that it makes me some kind of weirdo...but i'm at work, what can i say....i can see blogs quickly...

i've found with sewing that it is like no other hobby in its ability to create ideas, half finished projects, and nagging intentions BUT i absolutely love the results.

so anyhow, here's to not only the great dresses, but the coats that should have been. (if you weren't pregnant and tired)


holy cow. I know you may think that I get impressed easily- but that is only because you pretty much knock my socks off with everything you create. I would just like you tell you that I started trying to make an easter dress for myself, well before Saturday night, and it remains unfinished! so the fact that you put together something so adorable and at the last minute.. well. I'm in awe, and the girls are, as always, adorable!

just one tall girl named laurel

Katie! I swear! You set the bar impossibly high! I'm going to tell Ian to stop checking your blog so that he holds no insane notion that I, while pregnant or otherwise, will craft anything one tenth as lovely as what you produce for your darlings. Those dresses are phenomenal and yes, a vintage throwback perhaps, but with a modern crispness that makes them oh so now... and oh so perfect! You are so inspiring!

megan rich

honestly Katie, I don't know how you can be so talented, and so motivated to get something so beautiful done the night before you wanted it. Of course, it doesn't need to be said, but those dresses are ADORABLE. How you do that while being pregnant is beyond me. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!


very cute!!

what kind of fabric did you use?

Annalisa & Geoff

so creative. i'm going to steal the idea though and make some for my nieces or use the ruffle on a quilt.


I love these dresses and love the material! These dresses are truly original.


thanks everyone!

the light blue is a heavy-ish cotton and the mustardy yellow is a mystery fabric- a slick cotton blend that almost feels and acts like rip stop. . . i should have paid more attention to the bolt at mood when i bought it last year. . .


SO fabulous and sassy!!! I LOVE the ginormous ruffle! Your girls are too cute.


oohh Kate! you shop at Mood?, like Project Runway Mood? lucky!
I think you need to make all the little (girl)cousins one of those fabulous dresses and they can all match, huh?, what do you think? hee-hee.


My mouth dropped when I saw them last Sunday! Hands down the cutest easter dresses of the season!


wow. amazingly awesome


sophisticated and old timey and modern all rolled in to one. well done.


You made them Saturday?! you ARE wonder woman. They are adorable!


You must take after your Gr-grandmother, Florence Studley Brown, who was the ULTIMATE crafter - there wasn't anything she didn't do. I'm sure she's smiling down on your projects and lovin' it immensely!! Great style.

Tracey@Paper Dolls for Boys

Great color combination and very chic!


Wow! That is so beautiful!!! Glad I found your blog....congrats on your pregnancy!


Wow! That is so beautiful!!! Glad I found your blog....congrats on your pregnancy!


Wow! That is so beautiful!!! Glad I found your blog....congrats on your pregnancy!


Heavens above! This blog is just wonderful, how come I haven't come across you before??..OH, the clothes, the clothes!!

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