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Katie- ditto, ditto, ditto, all so true and as usual, beautifully put. I love the picture, David's entire ensemble is priceless. Picnic in a hotel room! -quintessential Porter excursion. Mom is lovely isn't she?


Mom looks beautiful in this picture! I'm so greatful I married into such a great family and I can be excited to have her for a mom too!


What a hot chiquita!! I love how great your memory is Katie. Happy Birthday MOM, love you lots!

melissa cheney

What a great tribute to your mom, Katie. I absolutely *heart* you Porters!!!

You've been tagged, cuz! Go to my blog's Dec. 12th entry for details on what to do next...

Your cousin Melissa


i think it's possible we had at least half the same mother. we got sugar cereal at christmas too - but just at christmas. your mom is beautiful. she must be amazing, because you sure are.


Well said Katie, I too cherish the memories i have of mom, and have a quiet laugh of nostalgia at those times when i realize just how much of mom is in me. And boy, that look.... oh the look... I love you mom! Happy Birthday!


Thank you Katie. I love you so much. I love your writing - what wonderful talent. I love that you are so kind and forgiving and try to remember the "positive" side of your mother. Thank you for being so generous! I relish the family humor that still runs strong and allows us to laugh at the memories of life at its worst and best. I am so grateful too that you are taking the best parts of me and making yourself so much better. You are such a joy to me. Love always - and thank you again.

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