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you're so hilarious. i love to read about your odd thoughts. ;-)


I never knew you had such notions. SO funny, I want to hear your words to the wkrp song!

Sherri Wiltbank

Uncle Bryce, Aunt Cheryl, Mary and her new hubbie, Scott Darnell, are headed to Cincinnati tomorrow for their reception with Scott's family and to see the big River Fest the city does over Labor Day. Looks like a big weekend in Cinci for our family!


I have clear memories of your glory days as "KRP" and I think you are right about the girls getting it when they are older, 9 yr old Ethan LOVES that kind of thing. Bryce's initials are BPJ, which OBVIOSLY is "PBJ" mixed up, AWESOME.


"PBJ" stands for Peanut Butter & Jelly, that's common knowledge right? I lose track of which words and acronyms I've made up and which are generally accepted in public.

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