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Katie, that made me cry. As did your birthday card to me last year, which I never mentioned, I don't think. Goood job. I love you.


Good heavens after that I love your dad and all his quirks. With the way you write Katie I'm convinced you could make me fall in love with pretty much everything & anyone, but that was a beautiful tribute to my father. All my dad got was a half hearted Elton John rendition of "My gift is this song" (or whatever it's actually called) by Alysha and me. If only you weren't so specific I would try to steal this and give it to my dad as a late father's day tribute. Sadly (for me) I think he'd have remembered losing part of his finger which would make me stealing this and passing it off as my own rather impossible.


Hee. Whoops. I meant to say YOUR father, not MY father. I don't like that I can't edit. Sure I could spell check & fact check before I post but that takes way too long but now, in hindsight, I should have cause your very beautiful tribute to your dad was indeed to your dad and not my dad, although I still do want to steal it, but still won't. This is me hitting myself in the head right now. And this is me posting twice in a row. Embarrassment thyself be covered.

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