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I love you back!


Ah! We totally had the same first thoughts of Chip. My fifth was that when he told stories I thought I might pee a little. Happy belated birthday Chip.


I love that chip wheeled a washing machine down the street, over the foot bridge, and to your home when we moved and left it up for grabs.

p.s. it was originally the dowdles and I think we got it 4th hand. peace out to the dowdles!

katie r

ha! liz, i completely forgot about that. the wheels were torn to shreds and had to be replaced by the time he got it home.

i flooded my kitchen at least once a week with that washer, but i was just so happy i didn't have to take all our laundy to the laundromat anymore.

mad props to the dowdles, the whitings for the stand, and to michael woodward and greg reece for helping chip push it all the way home. . .


hahah the wheels- that's awesome!

oh yea the stand- I forgot about that added touch! We should have all carved our names in the back of it, it's blessed the lives of many families. ;-) And the dryer (did you take the dryer?) took like 5 hours to dry 3 shirts, but we still sung its praises.

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