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i just love that!


are you sure that the yellow line is in reference to the yellow line on the platform and not really an expression of a deep emotional scar involving public urination into a snapple bottle? i'm grateful for the snapple bottle. that's where littering really comes in handy.


I'm sure others reading sarah's comments are asking themselves: Was it Sarah that peed into a Snapple bottle? In front of her own son? In public? On a subway? Once she peed in it, did she leave it there as litter? So many unanswered questions...


Katie, hopefully you can tell that last post was written by Eric not me.


I'm totally in love with ethan's drawing and it is a perfect depication of the subway and all its icky gum and yes yes I am now asking myself all sorts of questions about peeing in Snapple bottles and if it's as messy as it looks in my head.


I love Ethan's drawing too. I love that it features the F and G train, and even seems to crawl above the Gowanus Canal.

To set the record straight, poor Ethan was in agaony on a slow train and couldn't hold it anymore. His quick-thinking mom, Sara, grabbed a Snapple bottle left under the seat. The adults formed a casual circle around Ethan (for privacy) and he peed in it, crying the whole time, but maintaing perfect aim. Then Sara threw the bottle away.

katie r

for further clarification, sarah threw the bottle away in the trash can, as a good citizen should.

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